The Concert Pianos That Most Musicians Use

In concert halls, a certain class of pianos takes center stage. These pianos, renowned for their unparalleled sound and craftsmanship, often become the musicians’ trusted allies, enabling them to transform every note into a mesmerizing melody. Here are the most popular concert pianos that world-class musicians use to enchant audiences worldwide.

The concert grand piano is the largest and most powerful type of piano, typically used in concert halls and auditoriums for performances. It produces a rich, full-bodied sound and is often the instrument of choice for professional pianists.

Steinway & Sons: The Epitome of Excellence

At the heart of countless prestigious performances, Steinway & Sons’ concert grand pianos hold a revered place. Each Steinway is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, offering a unique blend of sonority, power, and responsiveness that most concert pianists eagerly seek.

  • Effortless Touch, Exceptional Tone – Steinway achieves a harmonious balance between a responsive, effortless key touch and an exceptional, rich tone. This feature endears many renowned pianists to this brand.
  • The Choice of Maestros – Steinway claims that over 90% of concert pianists choose their pianos, including legendary artists like Vladimir Horowitz and contemporary geniuses like Lang Lang.

Bösendorfer: Dynamic Elegance

Bösendorfer, hailing from Vienna, is another celebrated name among concert pianos. Its rich history and dedication to producing pianos that generate dynamic tonal colors make it an adored choice among many musicians.

  • Unique Construction – Unlike many manufacturers, Bösendorfer creates their pianos using more spruce, which is believed to contribute to the piano’s unique and warm tone.
  • Historical Allure – Bösendorfer has charmed the likes of Listz and Brahms, resonating historical associations that many pianists cherish.

Fazioli: Modern Marvel

Fazioli, a relative newcomer compared to other brands, has carved a niche for itself owing to its meticulous craftsmanship, excellent sound qualities, and precise responsiveness.

  • Resonant Design – Fazioli distinguishes itself with a resonant case design and employs high-quality materials. The sound is often described as clear, precise, and capable of immense power and subtlety.
  • Tribute to Innovation – Despite its modern inception, Fazioli has already built a growing admirer’s list, including notable musicians like Herbie Hancock and Angela Hewitt.

Yamaha: Blend of Tradition and Technology

  • Yamaha, a prominent name in the world of musical instruments, produces the best concert piano esteemed for their consistency, technology, and superb craftsmanship.
  • Precision and Technology – Yamaha concert grands offer remarkable precision and incorporate state-of-the-art technology, like the Disklavier system, which allows for automated performances.
  • Broadly Appealing – Yamaha concert grands symbolize the perfect fusion of tradition and technology, thus garnering favor from a broad spectrum of musicians, from classical virtuosos to jazz legends.

The Resonance of Selection: A Pianist’s Personal Admirer

Selection of a concert piano invariably boils down to a pianist’s personal preference, shaped by the touch, tone, and emotional connection they feel with an instrument. What might sing to one performer might not resonate with another. The choice, hence, forms an intimate bond that allows the musician to translate their deepest artistic expressions into sound.